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Sleep yourself rich

Published on 8 August 2020 at 13:38

Dreams answer the question who am I, every layer in the dream world emerges. That why question is answered and how do I get to where I want to be. It is your inner layers that emerge in your subconscious. Drown out your ego and thereby expose the pure. The moment you sleep you can discover what you are hiding from yourself including what you are hiding from others.  



If you want to meet yourself, sleep yourself rich !.


Do you want to answer to who I am actually, discover your soul, your source, your basis ..... Dream, sleep, meditate and gently peel off the layers. You cannot ignore it, it is not covered up, it is not screened off only if you let it.

When you sleep, your ego is paused, your thoughts are less active, so you are much more open to your soul layers, as it were. The true me emerges, you find the answer to who you really are. Sleeping makes the difference 

Are you looking for who am I? Take the time to sleep well and discover !.



No limitations and blockages so that everything really perishes and that also means emotions, fears, feelings, trauma and so on. Take the time to know yourself, you will find the common thread at the right time. Don't try to find it, don't over analyze and / or look for signals where they aren't. Sleeplessness up to 70%


Do you really want to know who you are? Start dreaming well and explaining this. 


Take the time to sleep well, dream and gain insight into this, practice makes perfect, you have to learn awareness. Everyone dreams every night, both humans and animals. But that does not mean that you can always remember everything and that you actually know what to do with it and so on. Letting go of dreams

Sleeping is the best meditation there is for a reason * Dalai Lama 

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