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Start » Dreams and Sleep » Sleep better above 30 degrees/ 86 fahrenheit

Sleep better above 30 degrees/ 86 fahrenheit

Published on 9 August 2020 at 14:40

At the moment sleeping is a very big challenge. It's almost impossible to do, it's just too hot to sleep in. We all suffer from it right now. Especially if the heat lingers longer in your house, the degree of falling asleep becomes more difficult and the body cools less. You can also think of excessive sweating, turning. You tumble, skip REM sleep, wake up early and so on.



What can you do !. 


Do not turn on the air conditioning too cold, do not cool the temperature too far. It may sound strange, but to sleep better it is wise to have a healthy room temperature. Your bedroom should therefore not differ too much from the outside temperature. So, no matter how temptingly, do not set your air conditioning to 18 degrees, but only a few degrees back!


Before going to sleep, take a shower or bath with lukewarm water - it not only ensures that your blood circulation starts to flow smoothly and smoothly, but also that you relax and are in sleep mode, as it were.


Open the window or door so that fresh air can still enter.


Sleeping on your left side, (only applies to side sleepers) so that your blood circulation flows better and your intestines and stomach take on a more natural position when you relax. The body doesn't have to work as hard if you sleep on your left side instead of on your right side


A glass of milk and possibly a little bit of alcohol (in moderation) ensures that you fall asleep better. You can also think of chamomile tea and / or milk with honey.


Acceptance that you simply sleep less (not well), dream, vision, meditate, brake sleep and so on.


Despite the heat, still sleep under an airy blanket, take out your duvet, only put a blanket down - this gives a thin sheet, blanket you a kind of sleeping experience so that you fall asleep better.


Do not go to sleep too early, this is a tip that normally does not appear in my tips list because going to sleep later is not advisable, but with these temperatures sleeping later is better than tossing and turning for hours and not falling asleep.


Of course you can also think of the normal sleeping tips that I have previously shared in my blogs 

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