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Dreams are the Subconscious

Published on 12 August 2020 at 10:54

I often hear and notice that many people want to explain their dreams so that they can overcome it, solve it, get karma out of the way, and so on.

But unfortunately it doesn't work that way.


Dreams are a reflection of your soul, the subconscious, the soul layers. It is not a negative situation to overcome. It is and are your soul colors that emerge the moment your ego lets go. That is also the reason why during your dreams you are more deeply connected with which energy / layer / dimension and / or with which you feel the connection.

It's your dark sides, your fears, your layers. It is the complete soul without colors, cracks, snags and eyes that may be discovered. It is that which you have hidden, banished or pushed away in your day by day existence (ego).


It is the reflection of how you feel right now, this day, yesterday and / or even in a past life.


Just to be clear, dreams don't tell you anything about curses, doom thinking, neighbors or colleagues who want to harm you. It's not a deep scary spiritual Voodoo and Hudu .......

It is the subconscious (your soul) that is always and eternally present only regularly in conclave with your ego until you experience the "enlightenment", or go from ego-oriented to heart-oriented thinking. As soon as you start living in the now and are no longer connected to the money, tomorrow, future and so on, this also flows through your dreams, visions and meditations.

So don't get carried away with great new-time perils. dreams are connected with old insights and simple spirituality. It is an explanation that is connected with yourself, your source, your base and the subconscious. 

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