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The unhealthy dream highway

Published on 15 August 2020 at 07:00

It is nice to know something quickly, to find answers quickly, we simply live in a fast world. We want everything fast. I have to admit that I do it too, looking something up online is much easier than taking the time and going to an expert, right?


Did you know that there is also such a thing as unhealthy (quick steps) dream explanation? ....

The standard explanation generally does not synchronize, hardly and / or slightly (you still take it for granted). Because now you have the answer and that is more important than ever before.


And that in times where self-discovery, soul lessons, the now, heart-oriented thinking and so on are central! 


We all want to browse the dream book, check out the app, or visit the explanatory website so that you have a quick answer. But did you know that this quick theory can not only be unhealthy but also ego right. It is not at all soul-oriented or solution-oriented so that you can also do something with it in the longer term.


You are really not alone, most of my customers want that too, a quick, quick and short answer - and preferably in keywords because then they can put the puzzle pieces together in an ego-oriented way.

There it is right now, dreams explanation, using dreams as an entrance to your soul is not short, powerful, quick, fast. It is slow learning, peeling, exploring and discovering your deepest subconscious.


It takes a lot of time, it is learning, studying, growing and, as it were, rediscovering yourself.


In other words, it is A and B, circumstances C. In addition, time and expertise to really make a solid, good, fitting story where the soul grows. Dream Training Lucide dromen, bewust dromen leer je in stapjes, leer je op een rustig niveau. Bewust en/of lucide dromen is een reis, het is geen snelweg. 


Take the time to get to know yourself, there is no highway to enlightenment and deep soul growth

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