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The changing dream trends

Published on 23 August 2020 at 07:00

The way we dream, meditate Manifestation Visualization and sleep not only change seasonally, year by year, but also by generation. You can also think of dream change due to trendy external influence on which we have little or no influence. A good and easy example of this is Covid-19 and black lives matters. But you can also think of the changing world of social media and new spiritual life insights.   


So yes dreams change interpretations, explanations, training, support. It's like the rising sun and the setting moon.


As you grow as a person you also change synchronization (energy vibration). You value things differently and so on. Your life experience ensures that you get a different view of life. The dream translation, dream training and the blogs that I describe change with the times. And of course that also applies to myself. "I also change with it, I also connect myself with the new vibration of this beautiful planet earth". 

Did you know that trends and fashion also influence your dreams, sleep, meditations and so on.


Where people used to dream about a telegram, it has now been replaced by an app and smartphone; this has a similar translation or connection to your soul. But the value can change, the generation and spiritual insights provide a renewed explanation for an old concept. In addition, more and more people value insights and personal growth. This too is a changing and fast process that involves new visions. 


So it may be that something described last year has now acquired a completely different value. It also varies by person, your age and the generation in which you were born. That does not mean that old translations, dream training, blogs are no longer relevant. Of course yes, but the sync can be different, you can be connected to A at this point and later in life with B. 

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