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The power of dream thunderstorm

Published on 19 August 2020 at 07:00

Yes, thunderstorms do have an effect on your dreams, visions and meditations and so on. The energy that is released causes you to let go of fears, anger, sadness and / or anything that doesn't feel right.

The power of thunderstorms, have an energetic connection with your brain, as if it is popping inside. Excessive thinking, bun-out, stress are a good example. 

You can also think of spiritual (soul growth) development, growth from your source and / or with which you feel a connection. It is the higher dimensions that touch your brain, as it were. Adjusting your inner human being to the higher vibration and energy that you can experience as an enlightened person. 


The occasional thunderstorm in your head is nothing to worry about!

However, it is a clear signal that your head, brain is doing excessive work. It needs time to relax "in case of excessive / much thunder, always visit a specialist". 


It is not the case that you actually let go of everything that is unhealthy due to a thunderstorm (cleaning up). Your body, soul, source, your base reacts to it and that can be experienced both positively and negatively. Thunderstorms are a reflection of your own experiences, the soul speaking, the unhealthy, anger and aggression, inner fire about to explode.

The (excessive) thinker is more likely to suffer from thunder in the head than someone who thinks in a balanced way - mindfulness is a good step in the direction. The moment something happens in your life that, as it were, strikes, it often causes unrest in your head that cannot be relaxed.


Do you also suffer from thunderstorms? ..... Be quiet Stttt relax .... 

It's easier said than done, but relax. Look at what you have and don't look at what you don't have. Stop fighting. For this moment accept that you are drowning and so on, give your brain a break for 5 minutes !.


When you sleep, your head recovers, your brain gives everything a place; and that can also be accompanied by a thunderstorm because it is just too much. You often also sleep less well, you sleep lighter because the anger, fear, aggression affect your entire body

See the sleeping tips to sleep more peacefully and therefore suffer less from a thunderstorm in your head!

You are really not alone, did you know that 80% of adults have experienced it consciously at least once. 

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