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5 benefits of a good night's sleep

Published on 27 August 2020 at 07:00

Did you know that sleeping is not only good for you because you get through the day rested. It also ensures that you relax more, unwind and that your energy is better distributed throughout the day. More balance, more rest and more in control of your life through a good night's sleep. It is not for nothing that sleep is the best meditation there is.


There are 5 proven benefits of going to bed on time!


Number 1

You are / become slimmer when you get a good night's sleep; now we're not talking about pounds flying off while you sleep. A good night's sleep has been proven to contribute to the elimination of calories and so on. That you gain weight through poor sleep and that you have less appetite for food if you sleep for 8 hours more than if you do not sleep enough. So all the more reason to go to sleep on time tonight.



Number 2

You are happier (love yourself), you can reduce burnout, overwork and emotions and so on. So you are almost literally better in your own skin. The connection with your body and mind is therefore more balanced.



Number 3

You deal in a more balanced way with setbacks, fear, trauma, obstacles, resistance and / or conflicts. More open in communication because if you sleep more / sleep better you also have more space in your head to act and think calmly and thoroughly. Less prone to arguments and conflicts with partners, colleagues, neighbors and so on.



Number 4

Less affected by physical limitations. Feeling sick, less headaches, migraines and so on. But you can also think of colds and stress-related forms of physical discomfort. Better connection with yourself, with your source, your base, your heart and so on.




Number 5

You wake up more rested. You have given the old / yesterday, past life and so on a place in your life. You have let it sink in, and therefore look at the new day and / or situation with different eyes.

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