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Late summer dreams

Published on 30 August 2020 at 07:00

The summer gradually turns into autumn. I would prefer to enjoy the summer a little longer myself! But unfortunately the weather gods are not entirely in agreement with me. It's a good thing, because that would mean missing out even more of the beautiful changing dream energy of late summer dreams. 



It reflects fertility. You can see it as if you are watering dreams, wishes, ideas. It nurtures, pays attention so that you pull in a little. You remove the weeds so that another growth spurt can take place. You prepare to harvest and reap the fruits you have been working on for the past months, days, weeks, hours and so on.


It is time to manifest, affirmation, visualization. Let the heat of the inner fire burn, strengthen and replenish, improve. Focus on grooming, reviewing and revising !.



The late summer dreams make you leave the last old behind for good - it prepares you for ... everything that you have manifested. When you sleep you connect with your subconscious in preparation for Autumn Dreams winter, Christmas dreams All souls dreams Finishing the dream period

Are you ready to get to know yourself better? ... embrace the after summer and discover.


You close off the summer energy, as it were, an energy in which you nurture the fruits, take care of your plans and pick at the right time ... Now you take the time to care for and appreciate your successes and make new plans towards harvesting . The after summer energy is a wonderful challenge to just let your dreams enjoy and leave them in the nurturing mode for a while.


It is the right time to connect yourself deeply with your feelings, intuition and source, basis and to take care of your plans, wishes. It is also time for love, warmth and your nurturing qualities. 

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