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Dream starry sky

Published on 1 September 2020 at 07:00

I have completely forgotten, this beautiful phenomenon has really passed me by. But when I got up this morning I suddenly remembered what I had forgotten. It's a week when a special full moon just emerges from a Saturn and Jupiter triangle. So I quickly put this message together this morning; so that you can embrace the energy and still enjoy it!


That also means for me that I slept through it reasonably well this time, at least the first nights before the full moon. I always experience the full moon and the influence of other stars, planets a few days before and at least one day after!


Do you dream intensively and / or do you not sleep during these kinds of days?


Because it is full moon in Pisces, combined with the lingering energy of the Saturn and Jupiter triangle. Does this bring you transformation, let go and stop swimming against the current. In addition, it is the emotions and feelings that come loose and flow like never before. From these feelings and emotions you can find new pearls that you can use as fertile ground for something new.



Do you want to suffer less from the influence of the full moon, new moon and / or positions of the planet! "of course you can always do something with astronomy, astrology and so on so that you feel the connection better. But of course there are also easier ways that you can practice yourself from your own bedroom. 

Full Moon Exercise

Step 1

Write down what you want to let go of, write on everything that is bothering you and so on.



Step 2
Just before you go to sleep, look at the full moon and enjoy it, hold up your note and let the silver energy shine on your note. Let the feminine full energy and



Step 3
Embrace the gray glittering sphere and let the energy flow through you into the earth! See it, feel it and experience it and let go of the note + that which you have written down to the full moon. The silver glow flows down from your crown chakra and through your feet into the earth so that it subsides again. As it were, it flows out of your body so that all stimuli are reduced and are easier to handle.


Step 4
Massage your feet and drink a glass of water before going to sleep.

Your feet are at the basis of the discharge of the stimulating energy, water cleans and tidies up, ensures that the body can give back stimulating to the cycle of the rhythm of the moon and life.



Step 5
Good night and sleep tight, know that the moon is waning tomorrow and that normal energy is flowing again.

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