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Trauma dreams

Published on 4 September 2020 at 07:00

Not every dream has an explanation, learning goal, insight, soul assignment and / or mindfulness, spiritual underlying message. I notice more and more that people always want an explanation. They would like a learning goal, soul growth, an underlying insight, signal and so on. But that is not always the case, there is really an exception to the rule and it is associated with trauma.


This blog is especially for people with trauma! you are not alone, but do not look for a logical dream translation, there is not one, probably not one that suits you. 


Not everything has something spiritual or a soul message, the universe doesn't always have something to say. It's not always something to do with your subconscious, you don't always have to be aware of that. Not every dream is a layer that you have to peel off before you can get to the core!

No imagine you have experienced a scary situation, a trauma and then it does not matter what it is and / or how it originated. It has no underlying message that you must or may learn something, it is really a trauma processing. So don't look for it, all you can do is seek help, talk about it, visit a specialist and so on.

      These are dreams that unfortunately occur more and more, everyone experiences trauma in his / her own way! The processing of this is also different for every person. All you can do or take as a tip is accept that it is. That there is trauma and that you have nightmares, dreams, fears and so on. It's nothing to be ashamed of, but don't try to attach a deep dream translation to it.


Not every dream has a meaning, see also my blog posts about The unhealthy dream highway Dream fear really exists! Dream walker Dream protection Letting dreams and visions draw Dealing with nightmares 

Now it is not that trauma really add memories to your spiritual quest or soul growth and so on. Rather, it is the acceptance of the fact that you are processing it in spite of everything. Go to a specialist for help; do not look for dream explanations but work on yourself in the right way and so on.   

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