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Love dreams

Published on 9 September 2020 at 09:10

I've written about it before, but it is certainly not enough. You cannot write enough about love dreams. It can of course be about self love, twin souls, soul family, being in love and a past life relationship there is so much to write and experience.

When you sleep, you are more deeply connected to all the signals, and all the connections you have during your waking existence.


In this blog I am talking about Ex partners and twin souls, soul mates, flames dreams !.


Dreams about being in love, your true love, your ex, your partner and / or your first boyfriend or girlfriend from a long time ago tell you something about the way you see or want to live in life.

You often dream about an ex-partner just before you go or want to meet someone new (into your life). When you are ready, you dream about love, sex more often than you normally would. As it were, you clear up the last old emotions and feelings, that which you may not even be consciously connected to anymore.


Dreaming about your ex is not so bad!


Have you ever met someone new, are you dreaming about your ex !. Then you project the characteristics, fears, experiences on your current relationship .... You can experience this both positively and negatively; but rather you can think of becoming aware of the fact that ..... You can only fill this in yourself.

Did you know that your ego has a lot of influence on attracting a soul mate, twin soul, flame, real love!



In other words. The ego influences your love dreams. When you go to bed with the thought that your twin soul is going to meet soul mate in your dreams; then that is often the case, with a large influenced note !. It is the ego that influences it. The ego limits and has an opinion. It attracts, pushes away and ensures that you are completely absorbed in the thought of this person, both in your waking existence and in the dream world.


Your ego (head, thoughts, brain) is really chasing your twin soul, soul mate, soul flame, true love! The attracted person feels and experiences this and mirrors the same behavior ....... This is possible even without having met each other in person and / or living on the other side of the world.   


Love dreams are often influenced by circumstances from your waking existence. Go to bed without love expectations and souls will find each other by themselves.


The soul experiences it as a whole and therefore does not need to be found, they are Ying and Yang. The soul speaks through pure uncontrolled dreams. Every soul is one with all souls on this globe, including your twin soul, soul mate, flame and / or whatever you want to call it. 

Let go and both souls experience union, they just know.


Finding each other in your day by day existence is something that comes naturally, you do not have to search for it, listen to your intuition, trust and know that it is or will be visible at the right time.  

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