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Fairytales and Fantasy dreams

Published on 13 September 2020 at 06:00

Fairytale dreams are common, they are often dismissed as fantasy or not important. Quite the contrary, fairytales do not only reflect your inner child, your expression, your purity.

But also the soul power and any strength that you have hidden deep within yourself that wants to be expressed. Fairy tales are the connection to miracles, possibilities, opportunities. The connection you feel because a happy ending is possible for everyone away.



You are never too old to dream about fairytales / fantasy! ....


What is the influence of fairytales!

You reflect your daily life on fantasy, fairytales and heroes and so on. You connect yourself with your source, your innermost soul layers and your inner pure child. The gate to your soul, your connection to the higher and the deeply hidden perceptions that cannot be expressed in your waking existence. Fairytales are archetypes that you link to the situation in which we are and / or where you encounter. 


Where does it come from, the underlying cause

The fears and the drives, inner demons, pain, fear, sadness that we project onto the bad guys. It gives us a sense of recognition that we can place in our own lives.



Why do we dream about fairytales? ..

Fairytales is the second droom connection you learn to make as a child. It speaks to your soul because you project yourself onto these childlike, imaginative features and outward appearances. It is about mirroring, reflecting and projecting the character or external qualities that the hero or fantasy figure possesses. You want to possess the qualities, magic, knowledge, wisdom, power of this unrealistic or nonexistent personality.

Fairytales are a way to your innermost core !.


Another explanation is that you need to express your true feelings, you are looking for help and support that you cannot find in your life. Another important explanation is to accept the inner child, expression, happiness, and possibilities to express yourself properly.


Fairytales are stories from history that have been truthfully passed down orally and later described to give us insights. Fairytales in dreams and visions tell you something about your past, your inner child, the magic and support, change you are experiencing in your life.

Another important explanation is that you project yourself, mirror the character traits of the fairy tales. You want to possess the knowledge, wisdom, power of the unrealistic existing personality. An alternative explanation is to believe in dreams, fantasies, wishes and ideas, because only then will miracles come into your life. 

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