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Dreams that repeat themselves

Published on 15 September 2020 at 07:00

One of the most frequently asked questions is Marjan I have recurring dreams; over and over? .. What is the significance of this ?. That is difficult to answer, which is why I postpone this blog for a long time and over and over again. A good, simple answer to this does not exist without touching the spiritual, floating, Hocus pocus.

It soon becomes something like, it is connected to the connection with the universe and / or there with which you feel the connection. The recurring cycle, soul layers, past life. You can also think of trauma, signals from higher dimensions, family karma and nightmares. How about life lessons that have not been processed, Ying, Yang, twin souls, soul mates, curses, karma, visions and so on.


There is no one-sided answer that syncs for many people.


It is so that we all consciously experience it at some point, can remember it. It is also the form of dreams that worries us most. It evokes your inner fears, it awakens your soul, it touches you in your whole being and especially in your ego ...

Your ego wants to have a logical explanation for it; one that really suits you. Because you are already there, you know that it means something, but you cannot place it ego-oriented.



They are also the only dreams where only yourself can find the common thread. A dream translation and a dream diary can do a lot. In this case your intuition really has the final say, the only thing that can be called watertight is that really suits you. 

The most recurring dreams are not completely identical to each other, in fact they have common ground but they feel the same. Either they always end in a slightly different way, or they change color, theme but represent the same people.

You yourself always experience this as the same dream, but it is actually not the case! The energy changes every day, every moment and every dream is experienced differently. It's not the same, your ego makes it the same.


The only exception to this is underlying trauma, which repeats itself in exactly the same way; because this is a deep soul experience that has found place and cannot be adjusted via the ego - see also my blog trauma dreams Dream anxiety really exists! Dreams are the Subconscious Sleeping the medicine against anxiety and so on.



As it were, the soul, your brain systematically turns the hourglass until it completely overflows and / or is processed and so on. Dreams that keep coming back are dreams that really need your attention; it does not necessarily have to be negative. That is fable number 1 and fable number 2 is that there is always a spiritual undertone to be found. Myth number 3 dream curses don't exist.


The only thing that really gives you insight is a dream diary.



There may be months, years, days between recurring dreams, but it doesn't have to be; you can also just have it three times in a row. The fact is that you only talk about a repeating dream is that it must have happened at least 3 to 4 times. Otherwise, I just call it a coincidence or a situation you are in that clearly needs attention. Do not hesitate to know more and contact us! 

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