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Zodiac sign dreams

Published on 16 September 2020 at 07:00

The latest dream trend is to combine zodiac signs with your dream world. It is so that the influence from the constellations on your dreams is present and can even give a clear pattern; what you as a soul are currently doing. But there is one thing that, in my opinion, cannot be linked yet.


I recently noticed that more and more messages appear on YouTube that link dream explanations to constellations. I want to comment on this, it has not been proven !. It's a trend. In my opinion there is nothing like because you have a lion as a zodiac sign that you have specific dreams that flow through lion energy. And that only this can be explained through the lion zodiac sign. That as Gemini, Scorpio and / or Virgo you cannot dream about the same subject at the same time. 


The zodiac theorem is! ....


That you can link dreams to your zodiac sign. For example your sun, this is often your birth zodiac sign. You can of course also link it to your moon and / or your ascendant. It is not yet provable for me; that it really works like that.

Because dreams are simply a process of your daily life. So I consider this statement to be Trendy and not automatically believed.


There must first be more clarity or logical connections to be found. Until then, I keep a blow around my arm. (works by Jung, Adler and others) have been my guideline until now until proven otherwise.   

I myself am a lion in the sun

A Taurus in Moon

Virgo in Ascendant

Venus in Cancer


I really believe in Astronomy; but here I am therefore questioning?


That would mean that I can only dream about these three (energy) force topics. That my daily life has no influence. That the ego is completely sidelined. Another statement is that when I watch Video Channel's lion statement that every other lion dreams the same as I do !. (synchronization as with tarot and predictions).


Of course, the positions of the stars influence your daily life, including what you experience, what you experience and so on. So if you look at it that way you can indeed say that the influence of your zodiac sign is an underlying factor. See also my blog about the moon Sleeping with a full moon Full moon dreams But then you have to fit everything together and make an extensive astrological connection otherwise it works too one-sided.



But it really isn't black and white. There is much more to it. Please believe. not just any zodiac sign dream statement from a Video channel. Because this way it's too one-sided. The factors from your past have not been included, what is going on in your life has not been included and so on. The unhealthy dream highway The changing dream trends

So you're just missing too much early to really conclude that your zodiac sign can give a good explanation of your dreams.      

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