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Dream Bird's view

Published on 20 September 2020 at 07:00

Dreaming throughout a bird's view is not very common, but especially if you can dream lucidly, a bird's view is a must do! It is freedom, and increasing your current frameworks that you have set. When you get off the ground, the ego is released and shifts to your intuition, source, your base, your soul, your purest self. It is that moment when you are closest to yourself, there are no boundaries, you can just visit other dimensions and so on.


You can learn lucid dreaming with a lot of patience, practice and persistence.


Dreaming throughout a bird's view reflect the breaking of fixed patterns, inner prison, imposed restrictions and so on. It is really loosening up, discovering every layer of soul from a different perspective. 

You can also see it when you spread your wings, where you have no courage, strength, guts, perseverance in your waking existence. (or don't have it yet) See also birds, pigeons, eagle for more dream information. As it were, you change position, you look at it from a different lifeline. 


Everyone can dream lucidly, but not everyone has the perseverance to really let go. The key lies in this; completely trusting yourself and letting go of your ego.  

Lucid basic steps !.



You start raising your awareness!

You do this through a dream diary. You go from (almost) no consciousness to light or first consciousness. That means you can remember dreams, you know what you dream, and you can make decisions and act. This process takes the longest for most people. It is not that after the first week keeping a dream diary you have increased your consciousness! Be patient, practice and keep writing down your dreams !.



Practice and try!

Make the determination before you go to sleep to stay conscious during your dreams, keep this image and feeling firmly until the last minutes before going to sleep, focus on the subject you want to dream about or receive vision about. Take time during the day to increase your skills such as meditation, visualization, and daydreaming. Try to focus on awareness, the third eye and seeing images, feelings, stimuli, sound, etc.




The reality check, am I awake or asleep? ..

To experience the difference between sleeping and lucid dreaming you have to ask yourself! Am I dreaming or am I awake?

Get to know your body when you are awake. Touch your index finger with your thumb - feel your skin. When you sleep you can put through your index finger, and with that there is an awareness of the difference between both worlds! Look at your hand, do I have 5 fingers or is it more / less ...... If you dream lucidly, you may have 7 on each hand. Does the phone really ring? ... Do I really drive a car? .. and so on.

Practice this until you experience more and more awareness of your body when you are awake. Learn to observe the world around you, the now, this moment, awareness from the highest level.



Awake consciously !.

You do lucid dreaming during your REM sleep; the longer your brake sleeps, the more you have control. So set your alarm at 6 am after you go to sleep and then stay awake for 15/20 minutes. So that you wake up your left brain, as it were (analytical side). You realize that it is a dream; write this down in your dream diary. Go back to sleep, go to bed and realize you are dreaming! ...




Addition to lucid dream.

The most important step: You have to be completely fearless of any dream image that appears to you. These can be fun, crazy images; but also images that have to do with soul lessons and always arise from your own thoughts. For this you can use the dream dictionary to explain it! You are the writer of the script, you determine where you go and how it forms. You can see yourself as a king or king on the throne of your own world - the more you are yourself at night the more aware you are during the day. The more you grow and develop spiritually.




Don't forget to keep practicing during the day !.

Daydreaming helps with lucid dreaming, meditation, visualization provide big steps towards lucid dreaming, not to mention they strengthen the bond between your soul and your brain. By also focusing your entire day on this subject, you increase the chance that you will dream lucidly about this subject. 




Focus on what you want.

Just before going to sleep, focus on what you want to dream about. Feel, think, see, hear, smell and taste, but above all experience from your soul what it is like to dream about this. Let your pure self speak and give your soul the opportunity to learn to communicate quietly with your ego your brain.




See, as it were, a transparent rope running from your sleeping body; this is important, this ensures that you can always return to your waking existence. It also gives you a feeling of safety, see it as a kind of anchor of a ship that is always there and can never be broken. You can also practice this during the day; visualize it; see a transparent cord flowing from your belly.



Want to know more about lucid dreaming, ask your question or book one of my great dream training courses!

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