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Wholeness dreams

Published on 27 September 2020 at 07:00

Acknowledge the process of healing, and finding yourself. Healing and wholeness can be experienced when you open to your dreams. Of course there are a lot of emotions, feelings and old trauma, negative experiences involved. It is not just anything, there is much more to it - it is the first step to wholeness, but also figuring out every layer of soul that is hidden. 


Lucid dreaming and conscious dreaming is not just something, it is the first step to wholeness!


When you are ready, it brings you enlightenment, insight, wholeness; an open soul, your source, your base is visible. You can also call it Life in the Now, Spiritual connection, 5th dimension, higher life vibration, that with which you have a connection becomes more evident in your dreams. It is not for nothing that the Dalai Lama describes sleeping as very important "sleeping is the best mediation there is".  


You dream when you are in REM sleep and that is often just before you wake up. So everyone dreams also everyone who claims not to remember. If you just wake up you can extend this healing phase "dream walker". During this process you (consciously) peel off every layer of your soul, as if you were peeling an onion. During this process you really get to know yourself and you heal old experiences, as it were, wounds towards wholeness.


Dream Highway does not bring you wholeness and healing; it just pushes it further away.

Are you ready to discover your innermost core? ... Start with a dream journal. (You can use my free dream diary  (DUTCH) and discover the first step to wholeness. Dreams are the way to yourself and therefore also becoming whole and / or wholeness.


You have found something of yourself back through your dreams, something that you were lost or has completely disappeared from your waking mind. This can also be a past life or soul layers that you have no control over. You may emerge, as it were, discover and become aware of that.   

Learn to anchor yourself in a good feeling, good memory, nice experience projection!


Invite a happy experience every time you run into trauma, when you have a nightmare. For example, the image of your mother, grandmother, father, grandfather, brother, lover giving a loving kiss. Or the memory of your grandmother, aunt, neighbor's hot chocolate and apple pie. Presents under the Christmas tree, making a snowman, your birthday, holiday sweetheart. 


Do you want to know how to apply it in a safe way, follow my training courses, contact us!

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