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Halloween dreams

Published on 5 October 2019 at 07:00

When the veil between the worlds is thinnest, then we are more deeply connected to everything around us. The universe, the afterlife, your guides, your helpers are closer than ever before. Because all gates are open, as it were; dream, vision, meditate, daydream even more intensively, more colorful, fragrant and even more conscious than at other times in life. 10 Lucid Dreaming Warnings 


Past lives, karma, loved ones, soul mates, twin souls pass through your dreams, visions, meditations and so on. All you have to do is open yourself to this amazing opportunity.

The old is made tangible and insightful for you so that your soul, your source, your basis can get started. That does not have to be direct, but of course it is possible. You can also think about half a year or a few weeks at the right time you know.

Everything comes to the surface during Halloween; everything that may be processed reveals itself to you. Your energy also flows differently during Halloween, you do not have to work hard (heart), shout, pull and peddle because a veil, as it were, is lifted. That which was not yet visible suddenly appears as a thought, feeling, emotions, experience, life lesson and / or solution.


Now you may think. Marjan Halloween is witches, ghosts, demons, fear and trauma.


How can this be something to celebrate and to allow into your dream world. Stories to instill fear have been circulated for centuries and are still passing daily!  When the veil between all worlds, dimensions is thinnest, there can be life lessons appearing to you. You can experience this both positively and negatively. The dark side of your character may well be fueled; and eager to be discovered and expressed. Thanksgiving dreams 


It depends on how you look, are you open to learn, to let go, to turn the negative into something positive or rather hold on to what was. It's not black, it's not white it's gray !. End of the Year's dreams 



Your inner witch is open to discover.

Without fear, I step on my broomstick and discover all the qualities of my whole being.



Then your intentions also determine what attracts you. You get what you want. What you give you also get back. That does not mean that you can spin a glass and / or that you should not protect yourself against the negative in life.

But that has nothing to do with Halloween which is a spiritual daily awakening and advice especially if you are HSP, new age child, hypersensitive and so on.  Ending predictively dreaming 


Dreams, visions, meditations and daydreams are deeply connected to your aura, your chakras and especially your crown chakra and your third eye. Your guides, helpers, deceased loved one support you from your deepest pure energy while you sleep, dream and meditate, visualize, daydream.

If you can connect yourself with this great energy, you will experience a very special new energy in your life that strengthens growth and development from the highest good. Halloween dreams give you the opportunity to work on the past as well as work on the unknown future. 


During Halloween you also dream and vision differently except that you connect with all dimensions, guides, helpers, past life and so on.

Do you often also dream about twin souls, life goals, soul mate connections; that are felt, recognized through the dream energy.

Assignments you can complete while on Earth. Open your heart and let the Halloween dream energy flow and be surprised by this wonderful opportunity that only occurs once a year.Winter Sleep (Hibernation) 

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