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Autumn Dreams

Published on 3 October 2019 at 07:00

In the fall, we dream inwards, take a moment to stop, but above all work on yourself. It's time to retreat and enjoy daydreaming and meditating. Let the manifestation, affirmation, visualization just put aside for what it is. Let the heat of the inner fire burn.

During the fall it is time to gather dream energy, take care of yourself, get ready for the winter or the silent dream period. See also my completion of a dream period, winter, Christmas dreams blog posts.



The autumn dreams not only allow you to discover the innermost core of your being, but also that you connect with your life purpose, assignments and so on. You can also think of making energetic connections with like-minded and twin souls, soul mates and / or animals.

Dig a little deeper and also keep things that you use or handle later at a suitable time. It is not letting go and taking action on your dreams, visions, but taking care of it, taking hold and letting it rest. Blue moon dreams 




You close off the summer energy, as it were, an energy in which you have reaped the benefits and now you take the time to care for and appreciate your successes. Taking time to do nothing for a while, to enjoy what you have and not to look at what you don't have.

The autumn energy is a wonderful challenge to just let your dreams enjoy and leave it in the rest position for a while. Don't explain your dreams, visions, daydreams, don't give them a place, just let them flow. Take a step back, look down and wait; enjoy the inner warmth and the fire that burns in your dreams.

You can also think of the lapse of the cycle of life, the lapse, death and rebirth, the end and the new beginning. Protection and support. Nightmares and anxiety 



But Marjan ?. Are my autumn dreams not important or translatable!

Yes, but sometimes it is a good time to brew the tea, let the coffee brew before you drink it. Listen to your dream moment, clear your mind, meditate and relax knowing that the right answers will come at the right time. Dreams open the door to growth


Autumn dreams, daydreams and meditations are very important, they form the basis of peace and balance; (re) writing, improving, assessing, finding yourself and getting ready for the silent period that follows.Compensatory dreams 



Are you ready to get to know yourself better? ... embrace autumn and discover.


It is the right time to connect yourself deeply with your feeling, intuition and source, base, your guides and helpers. The veil between the worlds, dimensions is therefore thinner during the fall than during the rest of the year! Finding your inner light, illuminating your own life path - inspiring yourself and everyone else who hooks up. Let fall inspire you to allow mindfulness and grow from the highest good. Mindfulness dreaming 

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