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Dream friend

Published on 2 October 2020 at 07:00

The dream guide and the dream friend are two different forms of soul support with the same goal. It works much the same as a dream teacher or dream master. Only the task is different - the dream friend is, as it were, a reflection of yourself helping you with the first steps of awareness.

It is connected with the beginning dreamer who is awake. it helps you to discover the first layers. You are the self as it were, it is a reflection of your hidden soul layers. You reflect your waking qualities on your dream friend. So you help yourself during the dream.


We all have a dream friend, but not everyone is aware of this (not yet aware). A dream friend is the first signal to more conscious - lucid dreaming.


The dream friend can also reflect the traits of your best friend, girlfriend, mom, dad and anyone who crosses your life path. So that you can learn from it. Your dream friend appears first and follows you throughout your entire dream. You may be aware of this, if not, it indicates that you are still searching as a conscious dreamer.

Children also have a Dream friend

Do you also want to contact your dream friend? ... follow the lucid dream training and discover !.

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