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Dream guide

Published on 30 September 2020 at 13:40

You can see the dream guide as your spiritual guide, soul layers discoverer, your past life connection, possibly a soul mate. The dream guide appears as you dream more and more consciously (lucidly). The higher you get up the dream ladder. 

You can compare it with the guru and the spiritual inspirator or the teacher who helps and supports you, to discover the true pure layers of your soul. Your dream guide can not only be a past life memory, guru, ascended master but also a soul mate, twin soul and / or a loved one with whom you are very deeply connected. It is the awakened part of yourself and the sustained pure connection from the highest good. And with that, the dream guide is a different form of support than the dream friend.


The only question is and remain who is the teacher and who is the student? ... Who are you? ....... Both the follower and the enlightener, the student and the teacher.




Your dream guide is the deep layer, your purity and the guide follows you everywhere - let you allow it, let you guide, help and support yourself so that you can experience the deepest emotions and feelings from the core of your soul. You can see it as experiencing the path to enlightenment. Look within, live in the now and don't look outside of yourself - the answers are there, your guide is there to point them to you. To touch it so that you can work with it in your waking existence, your lucid life and your conscious spiritual being. The guide is the mirror of the soul, your reflection and also your learning process "Not all wanderers are lost". 


Do you also want to experience the deep connection with your dream guide! .. I can tell you all about it, teach you it and let you take big soul jumps through lucid dreaming

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