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Biological sleep problems

Published on 4 October 2020 at 07:00

In addition to the new time problems, such as stress, burnout, light sleep, too much influence from the outside and so on. There may also be biological background of your ancestors, family sleeping problems, which have been present for generations 

In the meantime, research has shown that there are actually leads that indicate sleeping problems that are passed on through parents, grandparents and so on. If you have sleeping problems, REM sleep problems, look further than stress and burnout, stimuli and so on. So it can also be linked to your family history. 


Check if it also affects your family, you may not be the only one with sleeping problems!


By this I do not mean that there cannot be new time problems - this number is growing every day; and is number 1 when it comes to irritability, depression and so on. Do not underestimate sleeping problems, always visit a specialist if you are dealing with this! Trauma dreams The unhealthy dream highway Sleeping the medicine against anxiety Does the Corona virus affect dreams




The negative influence of winter time should not be underestimated!


In addition, it has also been proven that more and more people suffer from the winter time "turning back the clock". The biological clock is really disrupted by it. So you are not the only one who is bothered by this. There are people who still fall asleep days after, have dream REM sleep problems. You can of course also think of fatigue and even dream or fear of sleep. This too often has a biological background. 




Hormones and sleep are interconnected!


Yes, your hormone level influences your sleeping behavior. You can see when you have your period, are pregnant, menopausal and so on. This also applies to the man who changes from boy to man and the man who is in transition.

If your hormone level is different, sleeping problems will arise. Often a family member has also experienced this and you are not the only one who is bothered by this. Always visit a specialist for more information and so on.

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