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Dreaming when the veil is thin

Published on 8 October 2020 at 07:00

Dreaming when the veil is thin, it's a challenge, it's a challenge. There is nothing so strong, so powerful, so dreamy as on October 31st, and this year it's even a blue moon. You can see it this way, there is no better time to really learn to dream consciously than now!


During this process you are more deeply connected with yourself, the universe and ancestors, deceased loved one and so on. Because the veil is thinner, it is also easier to open inner doors and discover yourself. Turn the key from old unresolved wounds and experiences, remember past lives and so on. This process is different for every person, embrace your process and get to know yourself from your deepest core.

The full moon is for letting go of things, not for attracting, manifesting!


In addition, you can also experience and process the inner demons, give them a place - the energy vibration ensures that you become a channel, as it were, that flows purely from your soul. The further that you dare or want to open yourself up, the more you can receive. Know that you are not getting more than you can handle.


But Marjan why then? .. and what is so special about October 31, 2020!


So it's both Halloween and Blue Moon - second full moon in one month. Blue moon in itself is like a unique natural phenomenon. It is a natural phenomenon that usually only occurs once a year. This phenomenon comes with a lot of energy that you can experience. This year it therefore falls in combination with Halloween (Shamain) Celtic New Year, which in itself can bring a lot. 

Ground yourself well during Halloween (Shamain) is my tip !.


Before going to sleep, look at the moon, the stars and let the beautiful energy flow through when you go to sleep. See also my sleeping tips around the full moon. Halloween dreams All Souls' Day dreams

Make an altar for your deceased loved one, your ancestors, light a candle and so on.



Be aware that the blue moon is a double dose of the full moon. So it is really to let go of things, not to attract, to manifest!

Be aware of the powerful energy, keep in mind that you can have headaches, emotions, feelings, insomnia, fears, trauma.

Blue Monday dreaming Dream anxiety really exists! Dream protection


Drink a cup of warm milk before going to sleep.

Take time to relax during the day - mindfulness, daydreaming and meditation will help.


Provide a warm blanket and / or duvet that suits the fall season.

Close windows and doors, but keep air vents open.


Do you want more help with dreams during blue moon, Halloween or All Souls and All Saints Day please contact me!

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