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Dreams are underestimated

Published on 12 October 2020 at 07:00

Too often we look for solutions outside of ourselves. Or you are looking for other alternative, logical things, coaching, training, courses and so on. Too often this is aimed at growth and development as a person. It is going to bring you miracles and a new life. You probably know them, they pass by on social media every day and I am sure that you secretly wish you were about to see these kinds of messages as real life changers.



Be honest with yourself! ... How many times have you worked on yourself without results! .... Too often you have started training, coaching and you grew as a person, but you are always stuck with it. There is probably still a lot to do and discover internally.

Yes that's the problem! The key to change is not on the outside - no it is on the inside! You don't have to look far, start with the simplest way - become aware of your dreams and start with a Dream Diary. 


The only way to experience real growth is to get to know yourself.

Stop looking in the outside world, start by understanding that all the answers of life are hidden in your heart. It is there for the taking, all you have to do is get to know yourself through your dreams. It's not that difficult, nobody knows you better than yourself. Not even a twin flame, grandpa, grandma, mother, father, soul mate, true love and so on.


Are you willing to really work on yourself, start dreaming.


All dreams have meaning because it is the mirror of the soul. It has no meaning that is literal, it is a reflection of who you are, what you feel, what you have experienced. It is your hidden fear, sadness, trauma, emotions, feelings, your soul lessons and so on. Dreams have no meaning in the form of what other people think of you, want of you, no doomsayers and curses.

So it is not outside of yourself but deeply hidden in your purest true self, your source, your base, your heart, your intuition and / or whatever you want to call it.


Dreams are underestimated because it is not a miracle pill. Because it is too easy, too daily and too close ... Then it will be nothing. Because there is a dream highway that can quickly explain a problem, emotions and so on. The question, however, is what will bring you real insight, growth and soul awareness in the longer term of the fact that ......


The greatest masters make use of good sleep, dreams, meditations for a reason. They build their lives, businesses, relationships and businesses, wishes, desires around it.

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