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Back to basic

Published on 15 October 2020 at 07:00

Back to the basics, as if you were enjoying the simplicity ... No complicated explanations, mindfulness answers, lucid techniques or meditations that may sometimes lack the basics and simplicity. Dreams are basically nothing more than a processing of your daily life, your brain structures, as it were, everything that you have experienced during the day. You just clean up everything. If you want a simple answer then basically dreams are nothing special.    


Sometimes dreams, visions, daydreams just have no meaning - at least not at the moment, maybe later the puzzle pieces fit together "There are really daydreams, dreams, visions", which just represent nothing more than a processing of you daily life. 


Sometimes you have to go back to basics


I don't mean by this that dreams mean nothing, or that my work is redundant; anything but that. But there is always a balance between seeing and finding signals, spiritual or deep soul statements and meanings. Take the time to just look at it earthly and human. It keeps you in the "Now", aware of the fact that just being human is also a very important part of your life here on Earth.

It is time to not just think about the growing aspect. But also at the bottom, take time to let your Dreams withdraw. Life gets as tough as everything is meant to be explained, sometimes a dream is just a dream.  

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