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Start » Dreams and Sleep » Past life dream fear

Past life dream fear

Published on 21 October 2020 at 07:00

It sounds so nice a memory from a past life. Many people are looking for it, would prefer to know as much as possible. We look for a past life in color, scent, emotions and detail. Unfortunately I too often hear the question is it true that it is a past life, a medium, regression therapist told me that it had one / more past lives. That's wonderful, great, but I still want to emphasize something.


One very important thing is, don't forget you're alive now. This life is more important than what has already been! 


That said, past life dreams literally touch you from the bottom of your soul. That's how it feels, that's how you experience it and that's how intensive it is. You may even feel that you are split in two, that your soul is suddenly disconnected from this life. You no longer know what is real, what is fantasy, what have I made up and so on. You see things that you might not want to see at all.


Discuss it, tell it, write it down in a diary; let it go to process it. 


My first conscious past life dream not only made a big impression but it also brought a lot of fear, sadness and questions. I doubt whether it was a signal or whether it is something I really wanted. Waking up in a sweat in the middle of the night is generally not described as a past life memory! Fear of sleep, fear of visiting your own grave again, the crypt. Drowning again, getting killed just won't leave you in your cold clothes.



But Marjan what is the use?


An important reason that you have a past life dream, nightmare is because there is synchronization with life now. Or there are things that have passed or will come to you. You can call it a coincidence, but your soul remembers a similar moment, life situation. The soul now wants to fill this in differently, learn from it and use the old as unification - it is nothing more than soul growth and development from the higher spiritual. The soul processes an old lesson, gives it a place in your body, in the soul chamber disconnected from your ego being aware. 

Past lives also come with a lot of emotions, feelings, fear, sadness that you cannot place. It is not for you to meddle too much in this life with what has already been.


Leave it alone, use what is important, accept that it is, that's all! You have started this life because you can fill it in differently, try again, grow as a soul. It is not a punishment, it is not a second chance, it is simply the next step that you take as a soul.


I have to admit, a few years ago I might have given you slightly more nuanced advice than I do now. But I also grow as a soul and maybe I remember my past lives in color, scent and detail. But I have a very balanced awareness of my life now ..... I don't hold on to what was, I enjoy the Now. 

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