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Start » Dreams and Sleep » You are the dream owner!

You are the dream owner!

Published on 30 October 2020 at 07:00

The owner of your dreams, it might sound a bit clumsy or maybe double sided. It is also meant that way, unfortunately I too often get the question that has to do with curses, deliberate actions, quarrels and negative people and so on. That is precisely why I want to clarify it one more time via this blog: "You yourself are the owner of your dreams". The closer the blue moon gets, the stronger soul connections and the fear of negative influence attracts. 



Dreams are a reflection of your daily life. Dreams have no connection with other people. The people who appear in your dream are, as it were, a reflection of their characteristics, they are, as it were, stickers that you put on the dream guide, Dream friend



You are the owner of your dreams, nobody can access them. No one else has the key to your subconscious! You are the one who writes, reads, designs, opens, renews, supplements and develops the dream script.



The cool thing is that it is the same in your waking existence, you are also the owner of your dreams when you are awake! Remember, only you can change your life, nobody else is going or can do that. 

A dream explanation / daydream explanation and the unhealthy dream highway in which an assumption is assumed that someone wants to hurt you, or that someone has cursed you, you can immediately banish to nonsense. Don't believe, this isn't right "take it from me", dreams are a reflection of your daily life. Dream anxiety really exists! 


But Marjan my father, mother, boyfriend, girlfriend, partner is a narcissist, who wants to take everything away from me, hurt me and so on.  

Yes, but that does not make him / her / this person the owner of your dreams. This is called cause and effect, external influence that bother you as a soul. You must process your own input and / or your part just as well as the person involved must. The unhealthy dream highway

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