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Sleep paralysis

Published on 31 October 2020 at 07:00

Did you know there is also such a thing as sleep paralysis? It is more common than you think. It is very intensive and often has an underlying cause. You can also think of a past life, trauma, fears or other deep soul disturbance.

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Have you ever suffered from sleep paralysis? ... 


During a sleep paralysis you lose control, you no longer feel your whole body, as it were. Often you can still move your eyes and / or a little bit your head, mouth, ears.

Maybe a finger, but you don't often get further than that. You see, as it were, everything playing before your eyes and you no longer have any influence on it.

It is often described as a mini coma or a soul block, physical out-of-body experience that makes you no longer present. Your energy flow blocks so that you as a soul kind of stiffened. You can also experience it when you have to step back and sink back into your body.  



Almost all of us go through it at some point, whether or not we feel like you can't move. 


My tip is perhaps the most difficult thing to do, but that is really trying not to panic, know that by accepting it you will eventually feel the connection again. Stay in bed, don't move and let it come back to you. I understand it's easier said than done. But moving your arms / legs will only make it more anxious and worse.  



Important addition!

It most commonly occurs between your REM sleep and waking up, especially people with ADHD and / or PTSD and overlapping conditions. autism, new age children, trauma, past life, burnout, psychosis and so on are most affected. That does not mean if you are not in the list of options that you cannot be bothered by it.



What else you need to know!

There are different levels of sleep paralysis. From a short experience to very long and very intensive, Does it really bother you! Go to a specialist, and don't just try something. I only describe the (short) experiences that I have had myself and those of my clients. But I am not an expert or specialist in this.   

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