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Dream transformation

Published on 3 November 2020 at 09:43

The month of November is the month of transformation, it is the month when our dreams transform, as it were. Dreams are the first moment when the soul transformation can be consciously experienced. Conscious dreaming is the key to the soul for a reason.

When you sleep your ego is on the back burner, it is present but your intuition, your source, your base, your heart is stronger. You clean up what you experienced during the day when you sleep, you structure it, you give it a place; whereby it can be consciously experienced without the influence of ego or outside. 


Dreams of transformation are very common.


Animals that suddenly change, a house that turns into a swimming pool; a book that turns into a vacation dream and so on. You can't make it up like that or transformation appears. It reflects the situation you are in and the changes you have applied or plan to implement. It is, as it were, the inner change, letting your thought, your ego, your soul, your source speak and adapt it to this moment.



What does it bring you!


Open your arms and let the dream transformation in and experience the highest form of growth ever.

✔️Experience the deepest awareness of that.

✔️ Sensing your inner process

✔️ The first signal that things are really changing

✔️ Spiritual awakening, mindfulness or higher dimensions touch you

✔️ It brings you both insights and closing energy

✔️Connection with your own light, illuminate your own life path

✔️ You experience growth and development from your dream source

✔️ As it were, you turn the key and find your inner light

✔️ You fly out and make leaps forward




How can you work with it?


Of course you dream transforming throughout the year, if you change your mind, as it were, you can experience a transformation dream. But in the month of November, the transformation is strongest because you now let go of the old for good before winter sets in and you withdraw, come to a halt, take it easy. Turns inwards so you can plant the seeds in the spring.

Your dreams are connected to this, so that what you have missed "that which you have not yet consciously transformed, changed" now really changes in a dream, as it were. So that you can experience it in your waking existence too - you are kind of forced if you don't dare, or if you've been procrastinating.


You can also see that the burden of fear is diminished to really persevere and follow your dreams. "Believe in your own strength, skills, gifts and pay close attention to the transformation dreams", they are the first signs that things are really going to change in your life.

Step 1
Write down what you want to transform, what you want to change, write everything and / or and so on. You can also think of a photo, picture, object, something that reflects the situation.



Step 2
Just before you go to sleep, look at the starry sky, full moon, new moon and so on, hold your note and / or what you have chosen in mind, up, become aware. Let the silver energy of the outside air shine and let energy come to you.



Step 3
Embrace (symbolically) the silver energy glitter and let the energy flow through you into the earth !. See it, feel it and experience it and let go of the note and / or what you have chosen, as it were. The silver glow flows down from your crown chakra and through your feet into the earth so that it sinks again. As it were, it flows out of your body and transforms into something new. Don't be influenced, so leave the result open, just let it go



Step 4
Massage your feet and your hands; by gently rubbing over it. This is important so that you are relaxed, grounded and, as it were, drifting the old. Drink a glass of water before going to sleep.

Your feet and hands are at the basis of the removal of the silver energy, water cleans and tidies up, ensures that the body can give back stimulating to the cycle of life and the transformation that attracts you.



Step 5
Good night and sleep tight, know that you are now ready to transform. Have no expectations, but the unexpected will come your way.

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