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Dream manifestation

Published on 5 November 2020 at 06:00

You have probably heard of manifestation, it is the step for transformation - the change that you can experience from your dreams. It is the moment when you, as it were, take the action to realize your dreams, wishes and make them tangible. After you have visualized, affirmed, meditated, dreamed everything about mantra, it is time to take the next step.


You should not miss this unique dream knowledge, you can only learn this knowledge through Marjan!


Without the previous steps, your heart desire will not be manifested and you cannot transform; everything is connected and it also makes each other stronger. Dream Manifesting, mantra is actually the most difficult thing to do "because you just have to do it", it is not only planning your agenda but also actually getting started. 



Making your wishes visible towards transformation.




You can think of it as kicking yourself in the butt, doing what you fear and / or doubt about.

Now is the time to actually apply for your dream job. Or register with the Chamber of Commerce, participate in brainstorming sessions, follow training courses, make connections and not only attract but also spend money. Want to learn to manifest your dream do not hesitate and contact me!


You do not just write your soul book, you are the book of life, as it were.

You make your plans visible, you no longer procrastinate; you have taken the previous steps now the action has started. At the time of your dream world, this is the first moment when you really see it consciously. This is the most powerful way, the most powerful period in your dream world.


It is often the case that the first steps visualizing, affirming, meditating, daydreaming have paid off. The challenge here is to actually switch to logical steps, planning and organizing. Connect to your dream cycle and discover the possibilities from your deepest and purest core.



Action can also mean making it visible to yourself!


Awareness of the fact that. You live your dream, you are your dream and vice versa, you prepare for transformation. Know that it is, you feel it in your heart, you follow your intuition and take logical steps by making the right connections, endorsing people or opportunities, meeting and so on.


There's work to be done! Visualize, affirm, meditate, daydream and manifest, and transform. It's time to attract the highest changes that suit you that you need.

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