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Daydreaming fear

Published on 8 November 2020 at 07:00

It may sound strange or you may find it a bit exaggerated. But there really is such a thing as daydreaming fear. In other words not daring to let go while "being quiet, being relaxed". You can think of doubts, the feeling of fear of losing yourself when you let go of control. The fear of letting your third eye and your imagination develop or even let it take control.

You can see it as not believing in your dreams anymore, fear of your dark qualities. The failure of your wishes to come true, as a result of which you block.  


Which makes you completely ignore daydreams; while you shouldn't do this!


Especially now at times when things are not going well with the world (your own world) daydreams become a challenge. Is there anything left to dream about? ..... Of course there is, the more there is to dream about - but let it go, trust that you see, experience what you can handle.


The moment nothing works, all dreams seem to be or become blocked - it is imperative that you keep daydreaming!


Put your daydreams at number 1, because it is so important that you put energy into your dreams so that they can also become tangible. If you stop dreaming and believe that you are not dreaming for nothing, you also stop attracting new things. You therefore stop trusting your own intuition and the creative power. There is, as it were, no more energy in everything you do.


"Keep believing that your dreams are valuable and tangible".



There are several beautiful (simple) ways to daydream better or easier, some of which I want to share with you.


Music affects your energy level, your whole being, gently turn on the music. Let the beat take you away without a real daydream feeling attached to it. Rather, you can see it as relaxing and letting go. 


You can also think of my blog post Dream Protection in which you learn to protect yourself against external influences, as it were.


Another way to experience a deeper connection with your daydreams is of course the Dream Altar 

How nice is it to daydream with your children or even with your girlfriends, friends from the vision of the inner child, see my blog post Daydreaming with kids


Write a daydream book and combine it with your dream diary so that you can find or experience the common thread here. read all about this in my daydream blog.


Do you want to talk about daydream fear, sleep anxiety, trauma, soul obstacles, bedroom anxiety and / or all forms that have a connection with this? Then share your experience with me because you are not alone! 

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