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The Best Sleeping Tip

Published on 10 November 2020 at 07:00

Do you really want to sleep well! Do you really want to work on yourself so that you no longer suffer from not being able to sleep well, dream, meditate. Do you really want to get rid of your Sleep paralysis, sleeplessness, lying awake unnecessarily? Nightmares, Fears, Past life and / or your Bedroom fear.

With fear, sleep paralysis, dream anxiety, daydream anxiety and / or nightmares that our trauma takes over - you can think of getting warm and then cold again and so on. The feeling of disembodied or not / have no connection with your body!



Sleeping is the best medicine and the best meditation there is!



No more problem with falling asleep, no more problem with not sleeping, no more problem with waking up properly. It is all on the program of my tailor-made training.



Below is my easy go to sleep tip to sleep better if you are sensitive

Learn to connect with your body! Learning to anchor is actually my number 1 tip when it comes to sleep advice! If you are well and balanced in your body. You will sleep, dream, meditate much better. Fears, trauma will be reduced by anchoring well!

It goes like this. Visualize a silver clear cord flowing out of your belly button (chakra). It is a pure cord that is only yours!
The silver cord is floating outside your window to the tree. It wraps around the tree and hooks onto it. The roots of the tree reflect the solidity that is deeply embedded in the ground.

The tree is your anchor, your safety, your past, your present and your future. Knowing that you can always go back to the tree. The tree is not leaving you, the tree is not moving at all. It gives you energy, it helps you, cleans you and protects you (angel, god, heaven, universe, guide and / or with which you have a connection).

Feel the heart of the tree beating through the silver cord and become calmer - relax and you start to feel be loved. This silver chakra cord (your anchor) will not go away until you wake up again! You become more and more relaxed and you fall asleep.



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