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Learn to anchor yourself

Published on 12 November 2020 at 07:00

If you learn to trust the natural process of relaxing sleep, you will also sleep more peacefully. Learn to trust yourself. You can do this by anchoring yourself. You learn to rely on a relaxing sleep and dream method. Start giving in to sleep. My additional tip is to get comfortable with yourself, your body, the biological clock and your cycle. Become comfortable with yourself and your own natural process - if you (un) consciously say to yourself during the day that you sleep poorly, you will also sleep poorly.



You can learn anchoring, including adjusting


Do you not dream well for nights, do you not daydream pleasantly or at all? Then you have to be aware that your own thoughts can also play a role in this. That's not to say there can't be any underlying causes; but start with yourself first - then you learn to anchor yourself so that you can turn that negative thought, dream, fear into something you have a little bit of control over. 



Being aware of your thoughts is the first step to change.



Teach yourself, your dream, your daydream, your vision, anchoring yourself is the most important advice I can give! .... You can thereby adjust your dream, daydream, mediation, as it were. Practice makes perfect, but if you know how to do it, anyone can do it.


Connect yourself to something, someone, animal, tree, memory that is very dear to you - It is your anchor - it is your safe haven. It ensures that your heart starts speaking, that you can always go back to that moment, as it were. It works great for fears, trauma, sleep paralysis, daydreams, visions and so on Dream anxiety really exists!  Nightmares and anxiety Daydreaming fear Sleep paralysis Sleeping with a full moon Sleeping with the dark days Daydreams and co

"Live in the Now" You can dream, also analyze thoughts (not everything has a meaning). Sometimes a dream is just a dream.


Relax and try to put your mind to rest. Let the silence be present. It gives space in your head, space in your life. Anchor yourself and use it in conjunction with The power of dream mantras


Anchoring basic tip! 


See a beautiful pure silver cord flowing from your chakra (your navel). Visualize it as if it connected with what makes you feel wonderfully and warm. It does not matter what it is (memory, animal, tree) as long as it is something that is strong and preferably connected with at least one of the elements. Earth, fire, water or air. The more elements are connected to it, the stronger the anchoring is. 



You will see that it returns you very quickly in to a more positive, more loving energy.  You come back from your negative experience and / or your sleep anxiety, daydream anxiety, dream anxiety, bedroom anxiety, etc.  Past life dream fear 

Dreams are the Subconscious Dreams are underestimated Dream transformation The stronger the anchoring is, the faster, calmer, easier you will return to your own energy and dreams, daydreams, visions, mediation and so on. 

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