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Slowing down dreams

Published on 17 November 2020 at 07:00

Due to the high stress level with which corona comes to you, you really suffer from dreams, daydreaming moments that are too intense. It just can't be worn anymore; you don't know how to fall asleep anymore. Your daydreams are preoccupied; your visions are very intense. You may even feel that you are not always completely connected to your body.


Don't worry, you're not alone! Corona has so much influence that it even fosters fear, trauma.



Now is the right time to get back into your body. So that you can slow it down and take it in logical steps. Dreams ensure more growth and development of your soul, but they are also an awareness of the fact that you can slow down. Sometimes dreams are just dreams. Dreams are a reflection of your daily life - it is nothing more and nothing less.

Just let the dream be a dream. Let the sleep problems be there, you can always return to your body with all your being.


By slowing down your dreams you can find balance with chakras and your bones, soul and so on


Especially on days when you let go, stop, find balance, it starts steaming again. Be silent, listen to the peace, space, you admit your body. Give in and accept. Sometimes a dream is just a dream. Sometimes fear is just fear. But find the connection with yourself again - Slow down your dreams and learn .... Connect yourself with your body and your dream.



Accept that you are experiencing fear, Accept that what is there!


Learn to connect with your body, you have to know how you work, get to know your heart. It is the key to slowing down or adjusting your dreams. Keep in mind what is most precious to you. Anchor yourself to this thought or person, dog, cat, lover. (Practicing during the day, ensures that when you sleep it automatically sets in) your anchor, your happy thought, your loving memory ensures that you return to a calm energy. By which you can slow down, direct and even change dreams.

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