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Social Media Influence your dream world

Published on 28 March 2019 at 19:48

Dreams are among other things a reflection of your daily life, that what you experience during the day or have experienced in the past comes up through your dream and vision world. You process your daily experiences while you sleep and so also everything you experience from the outside. So the influence of a social media life, YouTube, the newspaper, games, book, television, series, films is very big ...... 


In fact, the more you are influenced every day by all the stimuli that we receive in 2019, the greater the chance of dreams and visions that have an additional (influenced) undertone.

It does not matter whether you are a child or an adult a very scary movie or series just has a deep influence! It causes hypersensitivity and stimuli on your sleep and thus also on your dreams and visions experience.

Just think about it! ... ... ... How well do you sleep if you've watched a lot of TV? .....


If you have been involved with social media for a longer period. The influence goes even deeper than just sound and energy vibration of a screen; it is the hypersensitive stimuli that influence your dreams and visions. It affects your consciousness, your body, your mind and your brain wants to process and store it. The chance that social media, the newspaper, games, book, YouTube, television, series, films will not influence your dreams and visions is therefore very small to zero.



You can see it like this! ...


If you watch a movie about dinosaurs, chances are that you will dream that night about a similar subject. Perhaps your colleague tells a very personal story about moving or about an obstacle on vacation. Then know that there is a chance that your dreams and visions world will also experience a connecting pattern here.

If you read something about a serious event, a murder or an attack on social media, then there is also a chance that your subconscious will start working on this and bring it out in your dream and vision world. Have you been gaming and it does not matter whether it was half an hour or all afternoon - you dream and vision differently. Who knows, you might read a great blog from a top influencer about which you later dream or vision ......


The news, the newspaper, books, YouTube, the radio, TV shows have a major impact on both your entire level of consciousness and therefore also your dream world. The deeper the message, post, news, games touches you in your heart or in your life the more likely it is that it will hit your dream and sleep world.



The explanation of a dream or vision in which there is external influence in the 21st century ..... Is therefore different from when there is no social influence

So be aware of the fact that your social media life and especially the stimuli of YouTube, movies, music, the news, newspaper, books, games, series and so on influence your dreams and visions in such a way that you can explain it differently. You know what you experienced the day before, how you went to sleep and so on. So you can also delete the subjects, people, influencing, etc. from your statement.


Dino dreams, war movies, makeup tutorial, thriller books, fighting games and Harry Potter dreams or visions if you have watched very recently the movie has less or additional value to explain.


These dreams or visions are not worthless, or unimportant no, they are influenced with stimuli! ...


And therefore less relevant at the moment. But in order to find a deeper connection or recurring pattern, they can have a meaning in the big picture, so don't underestimate these kinds of dreams. Get the celebrities, the news, the influenceer out and the dream or vision is very important to the big picture. Are you aware of the fact that there is influence from outside and that the statement may be adjusted accordingly 


So it is time for an Unplug !, take time regularly to not have social media life (without stimuli), YouTube, movies, music, the news, newspaper, books, games, series, or to watch, listen and so on. Abolish it for a day, and you will see that your dreams and visions are and are suddenly less affected and that you can explain them differently and interpret them in your life.

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