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Thanksgiving dreams

Published on 26 November 2020 at 07:00

Thanksgiving dreams do not have as much extra energy and meaning as, for example, during the Sleeping with a full moon Halloween dreams Autumn sleeping tips Full moon dream You can also think of Summer dreams All souls day dream Blue moon dreams Spring dreams


In fact, it is rather a personal experience of Gratitude, letting go and living a balanced life or a balanced give and take. Than that it has additional meaning. Even so, it is a moment when you often turn inward to check whether there is balance. Gratitude, connection with your ancestors and their history. Affection does play a big part around Thanksgiving (Nov. 26). It differs, of course, by region and frame of reference - how you approach things also determines the degrees of influence you can experience.    


If you live in Canada or America, this has much more influence than if you live in Europe.


For me as a Dutch person, the energy and the influence of this is almost imperceptible - for my international followers, and friends it has a lot of impact. "What value do you attach to it", What does it mean to you? ... 

Embrace gratitude and experience the happiness that makes you dream and sleep better.



On a day like November 26 you are more deeply connected with the closed doors, layers, memories from your past and your soul That what blocked your ego is now opened and / or that what you did not want is now more and more open Reflection and reflection, finding balance in everything. This opportunity is therefore the right time to allow the memory of your deceased loved one, universe, spirit and / or soul mates. You can even think of family history and past lives that affect your life now. 


Write a note to your dreaming self, put it under your pillow, and go to bed with these intentions.


Be grateful for all your help from the universe, spirit and / or that with which you are connected. Be grateful for your dreams, your wishes, your loved ones and everyone you have helped on your path, then you are also happy yourself dear. 

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