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Narcissist or without empathy dreams

Published on 28 November 2020 at 07:00

We've all dealt with it at one time or another. People who have little or no empathy or feeling. The more sensitive you are, the more easily or sooner you have negative experiences with this - the more it impresses you. Because as a conscious sleeper, dreams, human beings get to deal with this faster or earlier. I want to broach the topic in this blog. We are (un) consciously afraid of influence on our dreams, meditations and sleep energy. 


What if someone or a situation can steer and influence. 


Ghost stories, negative memories and experiences have a major influence on this. Yes, we talked ourselves into it a bit. Yet there is a reason for this blog, more and more people are becoming aware, spiritual, awake, acknowledging negative experiences, life lessons and patterns. 



The question I get a lot from people dealing with narcissistic behavior or lacking empathy is! Does it affect (do these people / situation affect) my dreams, sleep experience and meditation.



Yes and no; you would say, but Marjan that is double. Yes, that's right, it is.


Yes, because it does influence how you feel, what you experience and how you see your life. So it indirectly affects everything you experience on a daily basis. When you sleep, you process what you experience on a daily basis, your brain gives everything a place - it cleans it up, organizes it.

If you are not feeling well physically and mentally, it will also trickle down into your dreams, meditations and sleep. Yes it is the first sign that things are not flowing. Your soul is calling, as it were, your source, giving your basis through dreams, meditation that there is a faltering connection, past lives and traumas are exposed through dreams.



You write your own dreams and sleep script!



No, the narcissist or a situation where there is no empathy has absolutely no connection with your dream world. It is not considered from the point of view of direct influence, but from indirect influence. "you are the owner of your dreams". There is nothing and no one else dreams for you.

No a narcissist does not know what you are dreaming, nor can you control it! The same applies to witchcraft and magic, curses and negative or empathetic situation or persons. Of course it may be that this person knows you well, so that they can make the logical connection.



Don't worry, there is no connection from control - There can at most be a soul connection or karma (life lessons) that can be worked out. But that is completely outside of dreams, visions, meditations and sleeping experiences.


Alternatively, there may be some sort of telepathic connection that makes you feel like someone is in control. You have made this connection (un) consciously. You may have and / or in a previous life, give a karma situation permission to re-enter into a relationship or situation. You can break this by cutting the energetic cords, but still it is a No. there is no direct influence. 

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