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Stress Sleeping

Published on 30 November 2020 at 07:00

This blog post is for all stress sleepers, burnout and sleepless people. It is problem number 1 of the modern age - especially in Corona times. Stress not only creates physical and mental challenges, but it also really works while you sleep. Nightmares increase, become more intensive, past lives, trauma and karma are also connected with it!


There is for Stress sleeping Nightmares and anxiety Sleep paralysis Bedroom anxiety Dream anxiety really exists!  Trauma dreams Learn to anchor yourself  and all forms associated with it do not have an easy fix. There are different types of methods and options that you can apply yourself. It is really investing in yourself, you cannot turn off your brain - unfortunately it doesn't work that way. There are many different causes Biological sleep problems and / or even family related is one of them.


What happens when I fall asleep with stress and so on in my body? 


Your head (brain) cleans up when you sleep, they organize it. Your brain places it in the right place, as it were, so that if you need it again, you can find it within a second. If you fall asleep with stress - full of thought - you overwork your brain, as it were. Your brain clears everything up and you replenish it with the same corridor.

You can think of it as a stack of books next to the bookcase. If your stress brain has put one book back in the bookcase, you have already placed two more above it (while sleeping). Your head cannot empty the stack or it has to put in a lot of effort. (people with ADHD or forms of this very often suffer from this)



Will you join me, with the sleeping beauty challenge will you take up the challenge with yourself? .



In addition, there is a very good chance that you will wake up - because your brain sends the signal to be active. Your body reacts to this and wakes up. You leave the relaxed state and start functioning actively again. You have to urinate often and when you come back from the toilet you can no longer fall asleep. No, that's right your (stress) brain has indicated that you should be awake! 



You can also think of very intensive dreams, nightmares and traumas that surface because your body and your brain are too abundant, spasmodic. You cramp, as it were, and that ensures that the things you have not processed come to the surface and predominate. In addition, sleep stress and dreams are often black / white or gray / brown in color and also have a negative charge. 



There are several ways to get started!


The first is that you (as it were) have to go back into your body; so that your energy relaxes again (I will discuss this in the sleeping beauty challenge). You can also think about anchoring yourself, so that you relax and learn to sleep safely. read about this my blog Learn to anchor yourself 

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