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Winter Sleep (Hibernation)

Published on 6 December 2020 at 07:00

Is there such a thing as hibernation sleep or do you sleep better in the winter? ..... is a question that I have been getting frequently from my clients recent days. The answer to this is. People do naturally sleep better in winter. But in the modern world this is actually no longer demonstrable or measurable.


Because we use artificial light and heating. So you have less need to lie on the warm blankets duvet or bed cover earlier. I almost always sleep well, but my personal experience is that I fall asleep more easily in the winter and that I really sleep and dream more peacefully.  


Do you sleep better in the winter or do you sleep better in the fall?



Just a funny mention in between. "humans don't hibernate like animals". Maybe you would like to, but retreating to a cold hole doesn't seem like a starting point.



People can also suffer from winter depression, which makes them more likely to go to bed. Burnout, depression and sleep anxiety and so on do make sure that you sleep more (especially want to sleep).


So it is kind of a myth that you really sleep better in the winter. It is true that when it is cold we look for the warmth and love to stay in bed even when it has already become light the next morning. It has been proven that you sleep much worse when it is 30 degrees. If the sun continues to shine for a long time, this affects our entire body.  


In winter the sun sets faster so your body - outside of the artificial light is more likely to relax and be asleep. Dreams are generally deeper, heavier and more intensive - so waking up from hibernation sleep is also different from summer or fall.



The negative influence of winter time should not be underestimated!

  • It has also been proven that more and more people suffer from the winter time "turning back the clock".
  • It really disrupts the biological clock.
  • It is a given that if you have the heating in your bedroom on - falling asleep, staying asleep and so on is immediately reduced.
  • In addition, you can also think of no fresh air and air conditioning or too thick / too many blankets.
  • The cold also ensures that your body uses the energy reserve that you have stored in the fall and summer. 



It is not that you are aware of it, but because you sleep deeper, your brain also needs more stimuli to wake up. Unless of course you suffer from burnout, stress and sleeplessness. Then it may even be that you experience more of a challenge to get to sleep. 

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