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Let dreams set in

Published on 9 April 2019 at 07:00

You probably know it, you wake up and you remember the dream and immediately write it in your dream diary or sleeping diary. You browse the internet and you read books looking for the right explanation so that you immediately gain insight into your emotions, feelings, obstacles, fantasies and so on.


In the beginning of my dream coaching career I also advised this to everyone who followed coaching and consultations with me. But as my experience grew, developed and taught me that sometimes a dream or vision / daydream may develop (draw). Before you touch the right energy; can find a common thread in the big picture. Or that you only attract the energy at a later time that can give you the correct answers and explanation.


Not because it is not there or because the dream or vision has no meaning, but because it just has to grow, mature in your head, in life and in your energy. The unhealthy dream highway


So it is not wrong to give your dream or vision the time it needs, drink a cup of tea, eat your breakfast and / or daydream about it, relax and let it go. Dream Bird's-eye view


Go to work, do your daily routine; and let the tea grow so that it becomes visible at the right time. Your dreams are of course also linked to the cycle of your body, the positions of the moon and the seasons .....

Ebb and flow, but you are also a morning person or an evening person ..... When you function best, when your cycle is at the highest level, the answers always come in. 

Just know that not every dream or vision has the right energy right away. Or touch the correct vibration to be told. Sometimes you may also let a dream or vision sleep for a while, draw and let it develop knowing that it will present to you when it is needed.

Know that your dream or vision is revealing to you clearly at the right time, with the right energy and the right feeling. Learn to anchor yourself



My experience tip! ...


Write down your dream or daydream as soon as you wake up. But don't look too hard for answers; let them come to you. That is not to say that you should stop dreaming, explaining daydreams, or that you cannot connect anything after you wake up from sleep. Stress Sleeping


Of course you can, it is just that you can take the time to let the tea leaves steep and then drink them full of flavor while your nocturnal emotions become clear to you and fit into your own life energy in the right order. Give yourself space for reflection, give yourself space to find the common thread in the whole story without delaying or forcing anything. Past life dream fear



Do you let your dreams or visions draw first just like me or do you always explain them directly? ...

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