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Ego and dreams

Published on 16 December 2020 at 07:00

What you need to know about dreams!  You dream so you can proces your daily life. It is nothing more, it is nothing less. That also means that basically your dreams don't mean anything. No sorry, it doesn't mean anything. You can see it this way, you can use the soul information to get to know yourself and experience awareness of the fact that .......  



How does dreaming actually work?


  • When you sleep, your ego also sleeps - it is on the non-active - so that your soul is dominant, as it were. Your purest form, your intuition, your source, your base is open! 
  • During the day you unconsciously stick post-its on it "this includes emotions, vibrations, feelings, sounds / sound, smell, who were involved, positive or negative, etc. This can also be called the frame of reference. This whole process starts at birth, it expands as you get older.



Someone who lives and grew up in the Western world has a certain memory of a Christmas tree. Someone who lives or grows up in Asia, for example, has a completely different experience with it or even not at all.

If you move to another country / continent and so on, you also change post-its, new experiences create new ego memories.


Ego memories eventually also become soul memories and you take them with you to a possible next life (this also applies to your previous life). 



That means that when you dream, your ego is only about 20% present; when you are awake your ego is for the most part actively present. The explanations of your dreams can therefore be seen from the ego perspective (It must be explainable and tangible). 


You can think of; what makes sense to me and what suits me best. What fits my ego or soul memory and what feels good. You want to put together puzzle pieces because you want to make it logical and explainable. See it first and then believe and approach the (earthly) human !.


Are dreams then worth nothing, of course they are!

It's information you can use to get to know yourself!


If you want to explain the dream because you want to make it tangible and logical - listen to your intuition / feeling and not your ego. Be quiet, listen and let your thoughts soften until they disappear into nothingness.


Sometimes a dream is just a dream

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