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Christmas dreams

Published on 18 December 2020 at 07:00

This year 2020 is different from all other Christmas dream years, the influence this year seems greater than ever before. Christmas dreams often have a more spiritual connection. But in general you can describe one topic as common.


"The heart plays a prominent role when it comes to Christmas dreams".   


  • Shut down, finish and close the door, open the garden gates and shut gates or walking through it.   
  • But the most important is family, friends, love and warmth (pets)
  • The house of your ancestors, your home or your first apartment and so on.
  • Cooking and baking are also high on the list of
  • Christmas dreams. Dreams in which smell occurs is therefore not excluded, in fact it is the recognition that you experience.    
  • Photo albums and dream books are also among the common Christmas dreams!
  • The processing, awareness of the fact that.
  • The reflection so you can start the new year with a clean slate. 
  • You can think of quarrels, anger, grief, fear and dreams about death and birth.
  • For many people, the fireplace or a fire pit is a dream subject that seems to be coming back around Christmas.


Christmas dreams are really about shutting it down so you can start with a new dream energy next year.  



Dreams are a reflection of your daily life, so everything you have experienced in the past year will appears in your dream world. That also applies also for the things that were not fun at all, and this year this can be extra spicy around Christmas. 



A spiritual dream subject for many people is the church, Christmas tree, snow, lights, God, Jesus, baby, star and so on. But also tarot cards, fortune tellers, predictions and similar dreams.



Many people will experience Christmas dreams as heavier and more intense than on other days of the year - the cycle of your dreams influences this!

This year you can also think of dreams that have a connection with hospital, being sick, mouth masks, trauma experiences. Memories of deceased loved ones and so on. Which can make the emotions and vibration of your dreams feel extra heavy.


Of course, this does not mean that you cannot dream about other topics! Your frame of reference or what you are currently going through in life is therefore the subject you dream about!

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