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Start » Dreams and Sleep » Hello I speak with Christmas stress

Hello I speak with Christmas stress

Published on 24 December 2017 at 16:03

You probably recognize it, you have recently been working hard just before Christmas, experiencing a lot of stress; busy, busy, busy and then have free and then it turns out that you dream, experience daydreams and / or have visions much more intensively than ever before. Very annoying just when you want to relax; does not it work.

But how is that possible? .... why don't I relax when I need it. The answer to this is very simple because you just don't give your body permission for this!



Sometimes it seems that you save everything from the past few days. "You do that (un) consciously" Your head, your body rests when you have a day off. When the holidays are just around the corner, your body chooses on a conscious and in some cases on an unconscious level exactly when it can clean up, clean, let go and surrender to ...



So you actually determine it yourself .... You know that you only have that moment off, so you cannot physically let go earlier. "You agree with yourself, as it were" The days before Christmas you, as it were, accelerate yourself, just like this; just that and don't take the time to give yourself the rest that you do need. The result of this is that you dream, daydream and / or have visions much more intensively. You can of course also think of hypersensitivity to external stimuli and / or headaches, being more moody and having a short fuse etc .....



As a result, you can conclude that it all becomes more intensive, that you have to process a lot more and that you can become tired. You are, as it were, exhausted from fatigue; your head, your brain has no more space and has to tidy up and clean up so that you can give the information, life experiences in your brain a place.

This is a normal process that takes place every night unless you are under stress; working excessively and not taking time to relax. Then the cleaning process diminishes and you can speak of fatigue that is overtired. A long-term consequence in this are of course the Burn-out complaints etc.

Can not sleep;
Not being able to meditate;
Not being able to daydream;

Short fuse, about irritability and stress, burnout complaints are the signals that indicate that your head simply does not get enough time to process things.




So be aware of the fact that even though your agenda is overflowing with "Must"; even though it is still so busy, even though you are working very hard. If you can't get the Christmas planning done completely etc ... take time for yourself.


Going to sleep or sleeping in for many hours is usually not the solution to the problem. In fact, you cannot sleep when your head is overcrowded; you toss and turn, you cannot relax - sleeplessness, nightmares, previous life memories, cardiac arrhythmias, karma, sleep apnea, restless legs, etc. are reinforced by this. You wake up hours early and / or you wake up even more tired if you already were.


Agenda management, revising daily routine, planning and taking time each day to take a short break to give your head some rest is rather recommended. You have to "remove the tension", as it were, you have to get the tension out of your head. And then you can think of teaching yourself that you take time every day to be still during stress periods .............................. ...................................


Now take 5 minutes to listen to nothing ... no thoughts, no words but the space of the empty around you. You can of course also meditate or listen to music if you like it as long as it is relaxed.



It's only 5 minutes a day, it's only 5 minutes to enjoy the time ticking by without you passing by. What is 5 minutes that you experience consciously instead of 5 minutes unconsciously. Can you picture it! No thoughts at all, no stress 5 minutes a day how do you think your head feels. Army or fuller? .........


How do you think you sleep when your head is less full with stimuli and memories, important things, etc., ... you probably already know. You sleep more peacefully, easily and less intensively. This also reduces the chance of other complaints and you can experience the Christmas season with less stress, reduced hypersensitivity and not overtired.


So really take your time, revise your daily routine and relax the right way!

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