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End of the Year's dreams

Published on 30 December 2020 at 07:00

A few more nights of sleep and then the time has come. Day 2020 and welcome 2021. For many people it has been a very tough and difficult year. Right now you are finishing, shutting down the old energy and this is coming up in your dreams. As it were you close the cycle,


Because we are in the darkest winter energy and also just in the thin veil between all worlds, your dreams are even more intense than usual. Winter Dreams and Dreams of the Season Complete the dream period


In addition, this year you can also experience the full moon, energy and of course Conjuction effects dreaming


Why is the completion of dreams so important?

Even for conscious dreamers, the completion period can almost literally mean closing the door and / or closing gates. Know that it is a great opportunity to plant the seeds that you can pick in the spring. Close the old doors and prepare yourself and your dreams, wishes, visions for the new year !. It gives you space for a new energy, new period and new dreams, visions. Finishing off means standing still for a moment - a moment of resignation - overseeing, viewing and then moving on.



Dreaming and sleeping, visions consists of a number of dream themes that are experienced by many people !.

  • Shut off and / or close
  • Breaking down and / or building up
  • Death and rebirth
  • Stand still and / or blockages 
  • House, clock house and / or heart + feeling and emotions
  • Open up and embrace 
  • Lovers, twin souls, employer, friends
  • Baby, toddler, child and / or reminder of.

End of year dreaming exercise



Step 1
Make the firm decision before you go to sleep to stay conscious during your dreams, keep this image and feeling firmly until the last minutes before going to sleep, focus on feeling of closure about a dreaming period, a life period and / or a situation you want to close.




Step 2
Provide a quiet sleeping environment where you are completely at ease and relax yourself, pay close attention to ensure that you are not, for example, a mobile phone or other steam device near you. This causes disturbances during your sleep and your dream status.




Step 3
Remember again and again that it is a final dream, a visual response from your soul (your subconscious). A dream, a visual answer in which everything is possible and in which there are no boundaries or restrictions. If you let go, let go of control and let everything flow then it is very possible that your dream will be closed.




Step 4
The most important step: You have to be completely fearless of any dream image that appears to you. These can be fun, crazy images; but also images that have to do with soul lessons and always arise from your own thoughts that round off a period. For this you can use the dream diary to explain it! You are the writer of the dreams and vision script, you determine where you go and how it forms.



Step 5
Write down the images immediately after you wake up; so that you can fathom (explain and close) your closing dream state. It is important for you to know that everything has an underlying message. What you have experienced during the day in recent months, period, cycle can influence your dream state. It is essentially the same but also has a symbolic meaning or a meaning with a spiritual underlying message. 


So write everything on one and go and explain it quietly at your leisure. The completion only occurs after waking up from your dream, vision, daydream and the realization of the fact that ...

Only after you have put the puzzle pieces together that this is the final message. Take from me the final message is clear and it knows how to find yourself from your source and the only thing you have to do is listen to your feelings, emotions and intuition.

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