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Sleeplessness up to 70%

Published on 31 December 2020 at 07:00

You cannot ignore it, due to the large amount of stress, problems, fears, nightmares that we get on our plate now in corona time. Insomnia has always been high there are several reasons for this such as Dream anxiety really exists! Biological sleep problems Sleep paralysis Stress Sleeping  Sleep sensitivity 

You can also think that you are too busy with anything and everything, TV computer, telephone, tablet are a major culprit for sleeplessness. The imbalance between rest and work, family and so on. Everything is now even more intensive than the sleeping problems you may have already experienced.



Do you also suffer from insomnia?


70% of adults do not sleep well, do not daydream, do not sleep through, wake up too early. Sleeping the medicine against anxiety Winter Sleep (Hibernation) The Best Sleeping Tip Nightmares and anxiety 5 benefits of a good night's sleep  Daydreaming fear  


You can also think of trauma and karma are also connected to it! In winter it gets dark faster - so you turn on a lamp and stay awake for too long. Just gone to bed late. In addition, the natural connection with your physical cycle is completely disrupted with all its consequences - you can also think during the day as overtired, headache, back pain, stomach pain, intestinal complaints and so on.


Sleeping is the best medicine for anxiety! A sleeping diary can help you


Sleeping problems and especially insomnia. This is because there is too much stimuli and / or too much energy. As a result, people are unable to enter non-REM sleep and / or experience a lot of problems with this, so that sleep cannot come about. An average adult needs 8 hours of sleep and people with hypersensitivity, higher vibration, migraines often even more, so think about yourself and go to bed at the right time to avoid many obstacles.



What happens if I fall asleep with stress and so on in my body?


Your head (brain) cleans up when you sleep, they organize it. Your brain places it in the right place, as it were, so that if you need it again, you can find it within a second. If you fall asleep with stress - full of thought - you overwork your brain, as it were. Your brain clears everything up and you replenish it with the same corridor.


You can think of it as a stack of books next to the bookcase. If your stress brain has put one book back in the bookcase, you have already placed two more above it (while sleeping). Your head cannot empty the stack or it has to put in a lot of effort. (people with ADHD or forms of this very often suffer from this)



Did you know that we would rather complain than actually do something about it!

Accept that it is, investing in yourself is because it is so very important especially now that it is difficult enough! Give yourself the opportunity to regain balance, now finally sleep through a full night, sleep well, no more nightmares. 


"direct verandering in je leven aanbrengen?." 


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9 months ago

This is a great article, thank you so much for sharing.
XXX Alice