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Start » Dreams and Sleep » Corona amplifies nightmares

Corona amplifies nightmares

Published on 3 January 2021 at 07:00

We live in crazy times and corona does not only affect insomnia which at 70% is the highest number in history that we can measurably explain.

Corona is also the number 1 cause of nightmares, panic attacks, sleep paralysis, bedroom anxiety, daydream anxiety and dream anxiety and so on. Nightmares are much more common, it has more impact and it also makes it take longer to process. In addition, it also affects our daily life and the stress level that is clearly present due to the corona. Take time to understand your nightmares, accept and so on.



How to deal with nightmares during corona time?

  • Talk about it, share your nightmare and your story. Listen especially to your feelings and intuition
  • Don't try to explain everything "Sometimes a dream is just a dream!" That also applies to nightmares.
  • Write it down in a dream journal or sleeping journal so that you can find the common thread.
  • Take time to daydream and / or meditate - this ensures that you also take the time during the day to discharge. Letting go of your fear, emotions, feelings and so on. As a result of which you suffer less from nightmares and trauma and night fears when you sleep.
  • After a nightmare you drink a glass of water! When you sleep, you dry out a bit and especially if you have nightmares you sweat away the water that is present in your body.
  • So make sure to drink water after a nightmare so that your body can unwind and balance. Does the Corona virus affect dreams?



Being aware of your thoughts is the first step to change.

Being aware of your thoughts is the first step to change. Learn to anchor yourself so that you come back to your body ... Sleep sensitivity It may sound a bit cloudy, but when you come back to yourself, the nightmare will disappear faster and make way for a more relaxed sleep moment. 

Must know ! 


Dreams therefore also nightmares are a processing of your daily life, if there is trauma, fear and emotions, this is reinforced. When you sleep, your ego is less active (inactive) and your intuition active. Which makes your intuition at its purest. Your purest self emerges when you sleep; so that you can use this to grow and develop on a personal level (in any form, spiritual or human). Trauma dreams


Because your body and your brain are too abundant, spasmodic. You cramp, as it were, and that ensures that the things you have not processed come to the surface and predominate. In addition, Burn-out and stress dreams, "corona" nightmares are often black / white or gray / brown in color and also have a negative connotation.


Do not go to bed crying, as this will intensify your nightmares - if you suffer from emotions and so on just before you want to go to sleep. Then take extra time to dry your tears before going to sleep. I know it sounds easy, but crying, sadness or trauma reinforces nightmares! Dream fear is real!

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9 months ago

Thanks for sharing this great content. Love to read your blogs.