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Published on 27 November 2017 at 12:15

Trendy or not, who does not know the dream catcher? .... You see them nowadays in all shapes and sizes, but they originate from North America. The dream catcher is not just a nice decoration it has real deep spiritual value - support and help that you can experience when hanging a dream catcher. 

However, there are tips and tops that you can better use to actually have spiritual pleasure from your dream catcher.



A dream catcher consists of a ring with a special woven 'web' stretched between it. There is a hole in the center of this web, and there is always a spring at the bottom of the ring. The feather represents the element of air, but also symbolizes life. Strings or strips of leather with feathers often hang from the edges of the ring. The dream catcher is pure symbolism and ritual - which makes the effect very personal.




The origin of the dream catcher

Dreamcatchers are originally from North America and you can think of the native Americans who we mainly know as Indians.

Dreams play an important role in Native American traditions. Many legends tell of bad dreams that herald disasters. Ojibwa is the name of a tribe who believed that dreams were the result of various factors, and of which chance was an important part. An elderly person had a vision and related how he envisioned a hoop with a web woven into it.

A feather and bead hung from the hoop that would lead positive dreams to the dreamer, while negative dreams would get stuck in the web. This is the reason why you cannot actually buy a dream catcher for yourself and / or for someone else. It's about feeling, symbolism and the magic (spiritual) that is behind it and / or the thought force that it reflects.




How does a dream catcher work?

The dream catcher is hung in a place above the bed where the dream catcher can catch the first rays of the sun in the morning. The dream catcher only catches the bad dreams in her web, after which they are destroyed by the first rays of the sun !. A dream caught and destroyed in this way cannot chase the dreamer, nor can it search for another dreamer.


In addition, the dream catcher also captures the special and personal dreams that are especially intended for you. These dreams will always slip through the web in a calm and good way so that you can still receive the important symbols or messages. A fun and / or meaningful dream follows the bead to the center of the web. To flow to you from this point or to the person who is sleeping under the dream catcher. Positive dreams can go either way through the center of the dream catcher. So they can be dreamed over and over by the same person, but also by other dreamers. 


So make sure your dream catcher has a clear center where the web can catch your dream!




You have to clean or replace your dream catcher every now and then so that the old dream energy can let go again and again; which creates room for new dreams. Dream catchers take in energy, both positive and negative, ... in addition, you also change energy yourself (personal life circumstances) ensure that the dream catcher simply needs new attention or can be made again and so on.

It is the belief that it works, it is the ancient magic that helps and supports you. If you do not believe in it yourself, the dream catcher will not do anything ... If you do believe in it, the dream catcher will bring you beautiful dreams and send the negative dreams away! "it is exactly as you see it yourself".


What does your dream catcher look like? .....

Make your own dream catcher.


The power of a dream catcher is mainly in making it yourself and carefully matching the different parts, the more time you spend on your dream catcher, the stronger and powerful the dreams are received, transported and passed on.





thread, wool, cotton

suede lace band, rope or something of your choice

a round basic shape or basic shape that you like

feathers, beads, gemstones, crystal, shells, wood, etc. of your choice

scissors and / or glue

You can use wool or cotton for the thread. You can cut the suede lace band yourself from a chamois or you can also use a lace.

You can buy the round basic shape made of plastic, wood or metal in a hobby shop. Or take a piece of sturdy iron wire that you bend into a round shape. But it is best when you find a suitable branch yourself and bend it into a round shape. and you can enjoy crafting - you can fill it in as you wish - everything is fine as long as you can capture the dreams and forward them if they contain important information that you can use to get started.



Of course you can also buy a dream catcher - then you know for sure that it actually works; but buy your dream catcher by feeling and at a New-Age or spiritual store. There are a lot of cheaper variants for sale and / or whether they actually work I leave in the middle.

Your dream catcher really helps you if you are open to this way of getting help and support - I've had a dream catcher myself for years - and I enjoy it every day; as with anything spiritual or alternative, treat it as you would treat yourself. Appreciate the powers and appreciate the help !.



Have you also had a positive experience with your dream catcher? .....

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