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The sleeping fables

Published on 9 January 2021 at 12:22

Why is a good night's sleep not on your priority list yet? ..... Did you know that it has been scientifically proven that we really sleep too little! Doctors are really concerned about the high increase in insomnia, burnout, trauma and stress sleepers! It has now risen to 70% and because we are in a lockdown, sleeplessness is increasing by the day. 


It really needs to be done, that's for sure! Many people ring the bell too late, whether or not to take action. While you can work on yourself much earlier, so that you can overcome real big problems. 



Sleep problems generally do not go away on their own!

  • Your body adopts a new (unhealthy) rhythm.
  • "The myth I taught myself!"
  • Yes I only need 5 hours of sleep and then I can still function properly.
  • But did you know that this completely disrupts your biological rhythm.
  • Your body is built for 7-8 hours of sleep!
  • The more you are in your head.
  • "Think", the longer your body takes to structure and clear everything up! .
  • This rule is especially for all people who think that with 5/6 hours of sleep you can function well! 
  • The moment there is stress in your body, the longer your head (brain) needs to clear up - you should now sleep for 9 hours instead of 8 hours!
  • Every day you exhaust your body, your brain (head), as it were, you have been delivering top performance for days.
  • Which can only lead to one thing.
  • That is even more stress, physical discomforts such as depression, headaches, migraines, worse vision, eye problems, concentration problems, short fuse, insomnia.
  • Sleep paralysis, addiction-sensitive, dizziness, restless legs, chronic complaints and energetic problems and so on.


The list of examples is much longer, . But I'll spare you the rest; I think you have an idea how bad the consequences can be if you structurally sleep too little.    



That means that you will be short of 730 hours of sleep in one year.

2920 hours of sleep in a year is the norm! So you are structurally short of 2 hours, which means that you only sleep 2190 in a year! 


You cannot solve ingrained beliefs and sleeping problems with an easy golden sleeping pill or miracle formula. Make sure you are there on time. Prevent worse ... Take action today and close the sleeping fables!  

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