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Start » Dreams and Sleep » Do you speak the dream symbolic language?

Do you speak the dream symbolic language?

Published on 11 January 2021 at 12:22

More and more people are taking the time to learn to dream more consciously. Despite everything you still relax, you have more time to work on yourself. Besides the great amount of stress and problems, you want to look for a solution and especially looking for insight. The influence from corona makes you dream deeper. Your REM sleep seems to get bigger or more intense in some way.

Dreams are a processing of your daily life; that what you experience during the day is cleaned up when you sleep. 


An important dream fact is!


The soul speaks a different language than the words we use as human beings (ego). You can compare it with the way the Egyptians write in a visual way. They painted walls in the form of villages, because they are deeply connected with language spoken by the soul. We Western people no longer speak this symbolic language! We invented letters and numbers to communicate. On the one hand, it is much more complex, on the other, the ability to tell more has increased. The Egyptians therefore use the symbolic value (frame of reference) with each image. They do not explain dreams, it is simply the extension of experience. This example can be applied to several older cultures Maya, Lumuria, Atlantis, Camelot and so on.


We western people have to explain and translate it - because we don't speak the symbolism anymore. We have therefore only lost the connection with our intuition.  




Do you speak the language of dream symbolism?

  • Listen to your intuition; explaining dreams is not always "logical, tangible, explainable it is feeling" it is the key to finding the right answers.
  • Let dreams draw, let it rest; not everything has to be direct and logical. So take the time to put it away for a while and to find the common thread and / or put the puzzle pieces together at a later time.
  • Your dream is your personal story, your experiences and not someone else's. The dream owner is you!
  • Dream symbolism is both spiritual and scientific - both forms are interrelated.
  • Also consider the influence of the outside, positions of the moon, sun, galaxy and / or the season in which you currently live.
  • Delete that which is redundant in other words makes it analytic and let go of that which is not necessary. Feeling, connecting with your intuition is the most important step you can take.
  • Also during the day listen to your feelings, intuition.  Take the time to get to know yourself, take the time to grow and develop.
  • Keep a dream diary or reconciliation diary, sleeping diary!
  • Know that not everything has a meaning and needs to be explained.


Sometimes a dream is just a dream!

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