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Winter Dreams of the Season

Published on 21 November 2017 at 09:00

Winter has started and we often dream differently than in the summer day, ... our dreams and visions are therefore dependent on external influences, emotions and experiences from the past, and I mean holidays and family time. We are sensitive to this and you can experience it both positively and negatively.


When we dream in the festive season, this has a double meaning; a meaning that evokes emotions as well as memories from your past trauma or desires for .... your own frame of reference determines what it will become. Your own life path tells you what you can process and give a place during these dreams or visions.


In addition, during the holidays we are often even more sensitive to the positions of the moon, sun and constellations - let alone to the child or childhood memory. We dream more and more about houses, home, warmth or your childhood memories such as Sinterklaas, Piet and Christmas or other holidays.


In addition, at the end of the year, we also close a life cycle or annual cycle that your brain still wants to process quickly; so you can start with a clean slate for the next year.

At the end of the year, we also dream more often about deceased loved ones or people we have lost sight of. Friendships and ex-lovers are often relived at the end of the year. Death and rebirth also appear in the list of dreams and visions in winter !! .... with an explanation! .. closing the old and allowing the new once you have given it a place in your life. At the end of your year you clear the emotions, feelings through your brain, so that peace and space is created. This cleaning up can take a whole year and sometimes even your entire life.

During the winter months, we often dream about gifts and receiving gifts or giving gifts away. This refers to rewarding yourself for your hard work and / or appreciation of, ....... what is important to you. It can of course also work the other way around - the demand for balance between give and take has been a missing part in your life this year and you are now becoming aware of this.



Dreams and especially visions about churches, beliefs and sacred places, spiritual are also common during the festive months, this has a spiritual foundation and longing; it generally has nothing to do with the close of the year. You can generally think of it as asking for help, wanting to find yourself and find support from like-minded people or what you believe in and what you stand for, ... this is a very personal statement that appears very often at the end of the year when it is dark !. 

instead of worrying or fearing these dreams and visions, let them in knowing that you are just processing it and closing it so that you can start over next year and get rid of the old burdens ....... ....


During the winter months, do you also have recurring dreams or dreams that stand out because of the subject? ......


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