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Taboo dreams

Published on 8 June 2018 at 11:08

We all dream; and we all dream about very different things; every person has his own dream world. We have all had a dream in which there is a bit of shame or taboo right! You have probably dreamed about a topic that you would rather not discuss with your partner, with your friends and let alone with your colleague.

Now taboos can be interpreted differently for every person, but for many people the sex dreams are at the top of the list with "rather not share, with ..."  


Dreams in which we are in contact with an ex-partner are in a good second place for many people when it comes to taboo. Dreaming in which we come into contact with aliens, planets or other world dreams is a stumbling block to share for many people. You can also think of religious or spiritual dreams that are in the list of taboos with many people. 


Murder dreams or suppressed desires are on the shame list of many people;

You can also think of dreams about animals or fantasy worlds. Dreams in which you are with a famous actor or celebrity. Maybe ghosts, ghosts are also on your list of taboo dreams? 




Which dreams are in your taboo dream book? ......


However you get used to it dreams and taboos are simply a difficult subject and often this is not so much in the explanation of the dream but in your frame of reference - your upbringing and your religion, lifestyle, etc ..... you determine what is taboo and what you want to share; what gives you red ears and what do you think more than usual. It is therefore very common that there is a connection between what you dream and what your subconscious wants to break through ... ...

These kinds of dreams not only have a purpose that has to do with processing your daily life but also as a kind of growth and development of your frame of reference - the way you think about life, the way you look at the world, breaking through of your inner taboo .... Spiritual growth and development of the soul comes up in taboos with the aim of letting go of the old and allowing a new life.

Do you dare to share your taboo dreams? ....


In addition, taboo dreams are often also linked to subconscious urges and desires that you want to experience, execute, undertake, etc ... fears are to experience in your dream world. Your taboo dreams are connected with your purest self, your most vulnerable self, your deepest self; and that is why there is a lot of shame attached to it. It is your shadow side that speaks, your shadow side that prefers to remain hidden but continues to surprise you every now and then.

It is very difficult to share your taboo dreams; to write down and / or to discuss it; but take it from me you're not alone. In fact, you are human and we all have these kinds of dreams and there are no exceptions.



How do I deal with the dreams about my personal taboos?


Know that everyone has personal taboos and often those are the result of fear, shame, emotions, experiences etc ... "in short, you are not alone and probably your partner, colleague, girlfriend, boyfriend also has a similar taboo" .. ... Then what are you worried about? ..

Most importantly, find out for yourself what it has to tell you - so look up a dream statement and you will see that your dream is not that crazy. Find out what your personal taboos rest on; take the time to meditate, relax and possibly ask for support from the universe, coaching, a specialist, angels and / or whatever you feel comfortable with.

Share your dream with a third person who is not too close to you, the view on the taboo dreams can be very different and reassure you. Give yourself time, also give your partner time and / or with whom you want to share it to approach it calmly and properly.

Describe a dream diary so that you can see the underlying messages or your personal desires etc.



Good luck and rest assured everyone has a dream in which a personal taboo occurs!


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